Lyme Disease and local ticks

Lyme disease and Ticks

Free tick tool with Lyme vaccine (while supplies last)

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No one likes ticks.
 This season we are seeing and getting reports of high numbers of ticks on dogs, especially near Powell Butte area. The biggest concern about ticks are the diseases they carry, especially Lyme disease. Here are 3 simple ways to control ticks:

1. Monitoring . Check your dog thoroughly after every walk. Even the best of tick products will not keep ticks off. If you find a tick immediately remove it. If it is embedded use a tick tool or a tweezer sideways. Never squeeze the mouthparts or YOU will have transmitted the Lyme organism. For Lyme disease to be contracted, the tick must be attached to your dog for at least 48 hours. Therefore, the best means of avoiding Lyme disease is to remove ticks as soon as they are found. Daily inspections of your dog are recommended, especially if they have been in wooded areas.

2. Use Tick Control . There are several products. Nexgard, Frontline Plus, Bravecto and Advantix. None instantly kill the tick. 

3. Consider the Lyme vaccine. It is a series of 2 vaccines then given once yearly. the vaccine is not 100% protective but in higher risk areas is an important tool for protection.