Clinic Services

Puppy Care

                                  Aren’t puppies grand?Puppy care is one of the most important stages in your dog’s life.Let us help you. The intial exams should start at 6-7 wks of age, vaccines and parasite checks are steps that Timberland will guide you through. We also discuss at length housebreaking, diet, training and other issues as your pet grows. Some of the worst illnesses occur in the first months of life. Parvo virus for example causes intestinal illness with vomiting and diarrhea that can kill your puppy. Don’t’ delay–start vaccines right away!

Kitten Care

Kittens are fun! Don’t forget to have your kitten tested for Leukemia and FIV. This the single most important step with your new friend. During this initial exam your kitten will be checked for parasites and receive the first vaccines. Upper Respiratory infections are common in kittens and can cause decrease in appetite , fever and dehydration. Call right away. We can’t wait to see your new kitten!    

General Medicine

Happy dog

The doctors have 23+ years (each) experience in all fields of medicine. For examples : Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, allergies, kidney disease, liver disease, bladder issues,lameness, cancer and cardiology. Think of general medicine for multiple species and you have the idea.



Electrocardiogram (ECG),oxygen, blood pressures. Yes , we care for Cardiac patients. Whether you are in the diagnostic phase or you need a dental procedure on an aging pet we can do the very best for your pet.


veterinary surgery

Soft Tissue surgery is an area of Veterinary Medicine that allows your doctors to really shine. Whether the surgery be routine such as spay/neuter, or abdominal challenges it can be done for your pet here. Both Dr Merle and Dr. Becky are skilled surgeons. Surgery , anesthesia, pain management and post-operative care are part of the all process. You are in excellent hands at Timberland.


Laboratory Our in-house laboratory facilities provide quick results. If your pet is sick, do you want to wait until tomorrow for the results? We don’ t either. Our equipment allows us to do serum chemistry, hematology, urinalysis , parasite testing . Biopsies and some tests still have to be sent to a diagnostic laboratory.

Radiology is fun (when you are a doctor). Radiographs (x-rays) show the 3 dimensional world of abdomens , limbs, hearts and lungs. Often sick animals will need radiographs along with other tests to put the pieces of the puzzle together in diagnosing your pets problem. We can do ultrasound, too. We also do OFA certified x-ray images.

Orthopedic Surgery Surgery is never something you “want” to have done. However, if it needs to be done consider Timberland for your needs. Our surgery list includes Cranial Cruciate repair, Patellar Luxations, Fractures, Soft Tissue , Tumor Excisions, Dental Extractions/Flaps and so much more.

Bird boarding

Boarding Going out of town? No problem . We can take care of your precious companions. They will need to be current on vaccines and parasite exams. Bring your pet’s toys, regular diet and bedding if you like. No worry, we have lots of our own, too, plus tender loving care.


Sphinx cat

Bathing and cat shavedowns available by appointment.

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