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Rabies :Simple Step Saves Lives

Field Trials offer free product

Our clinic has the honorable position of running Field Trials as the last stage of product research. We have  been an integral part of several products for flea control, heartworm preventative and other products being evaluated in the  actual pet population.  Rest assured by the time products have reached this stage they have been well [Read the full story …]

Onions and Cats

CATS and Onions and Garlic: check BABY FOOD LABELS,too! All members of the onion family (shallots, onions, garlic, scallions, etc.) contain compounds that can damage cats’ red blood cells if eaten in sufficient quantities. Garlic tends to be more toxic than onions on an ounce-for-ounce basis, and cooking does not destroy the toxin. While it’s [Read the full story …]

Free flea dose for the young’uns

When you bring your puppy or kitten in for their first visit you will have the royal treatment. Time to ask questions, joy for your new companion and first dose free of flea product because we Don’t want you to have fleas! Call today for the first step in wellness care for your new pet? [Read the full story …]

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Radiology is fun (when you are a doctor).Digital Radiographs (x-rays) show the 3 dimensional world of abdomens , limbs, hearts and lungs.Digital images can be achieved in 30 seconds and can correct for motion. Often sick animals will need radiographs along with other tests to put the pieces of the puzzle together in diagnosing your [Read the full story …]

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10 Fleas or more? If your dog has 10 or more fleas call us today. You may qualify for FREE (yes Free) flea control for your pet household. We screen the pet household for this Research Study . Not all households will qualify. Call 503.665.1194

Healthy Vitamins

Standard Process Did you know there is a big difference in the qualitiy of vitamins? I learned along time ago that vitamins artificially recreated or extracted in the lab are more harmful to you body than helpful. A great example is ascorbic acid. We have been told this IS Vitamin C. Linus Pauling became famous [Read the full story …]

Oregonian and Pharmacies

 Pet Talk: Oregon veterinarians concerned about prescription errors at retail, online pharmacies By Monique Balas, Special to The Oregonian ….One of the most common errors veterinarians report is a change in dose for a drug called Levothyroxine, used to treat hypothyroidism, says Dr. Becky Marks of Timberland Animal Clinic. Dogs metabolize the drug very differently [Read the full story …]

High Cost for Pet Care

Are you puzzled by the high cost of pet care? Do you think that your veterinary services are more expensive than they should be? Listen to what this veterinarian has to say. “I graduated 24 years ago from veterinary school. I had  school debts and poor excuse for a car and very little hopes of [Read the full story …]

Best Pet Foods

The best pet foods are difficult to identify . Here are  a few tips. The food should be identified for the stage of life. For example growth ( kitten, puppy) , adult,  less active ( overweight) and seniors. These are all non-prescription diets available in vet clinics, pet stores and supermarkets. There is no such [Read the full story …]