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Dr.  Merle Marks graduated from Oklahoma State Veterinary School in 1987.He  was in the top 10 of his class. He practices general veterinary medicine as well as internal medicine and general surgery . He loves orthopedics. Dr. Merle attends to dog, cats and reptiles. He is a devoted family man. His hobbies include coral propagation and saltwater fish. He is studying guitar and the art of making his own guitars. He is married to Dr. Becky Marks . Ask him how they met. 😀


Dr. Merle  Marks


Dr. Becky Marks

Dr. Becky Marks graduated from Oklahoma State Veterinary  School in 1989. She was awarded the Iams Scholarship Award on hyperthyroidism. Most practitioners did not even know what the disease was at that time. She practices general veterinary medicine. Dr. Becky’s special interests include hyperthyroidism, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and cardiology. She loves being a mom and being married to Dr. Merle. Her hobbies include orchestral clarinet, pep band, helping the school band, basketball mom  and vegetable gardening . She loves to take walks with their boxer Ruby.



Dr. Merle’s Reef Tank


Ruby Relaxing