Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance–is it for you and your pet?

We often get questions about pet insurance.  In the past this “product” has not been the best coverage for your pet. However,it is better than ever but not perfect.

The biggest benefit of pet insurance is that it covers catastrophies.  If you dog gets hit by a car car , or your cat gets obstruction of the urinary tract or you have to treat a chronic disease such as Diabetes mellitus –where will you get the money? Do you have thousands of dollar set aside for these unforeseen events? NO! of course not. And if you promised yourself that you would set aside some money every month in the event of such emergencies would you do it?  If you are like most people–no.

Pet Health Insurance if a safety net for you and your pets. You may pay as low as $22 a month for coverage relating to illness,  therapy , medications , follow-up exams and aftercare.  You won’t likely have coverage for vaccines, spay/neuter and various preventive care.  You will have to regular premiums.  You may never use the insurance .  But, what if you do use it? You will be so thankful you were able to give your pet the best of care that would not normally fit in your budget.

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