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Timberland has special veterinarians to offer you:  compassion, experience and personal  pet care–obsessing about their clients and not competitors. Our veterinarians Dr. Merle and Dr. Becky Marks are a husband and wife veterinarian team.  Their clinic is centered around core values such as honesty, patient advocacy and education. They want you to take an active role in making choices in your pet’s care. Yes, they take great effort to give you the information and expertise to help you but they understand that you want to be involved in the process. Our clinic provides medical, surgical, dental and boarding services.

  • Dogs, Cat, birds*, pocket pets  and reptiles are welcome here!
  • Drs. Marks were the first clinic in Oregon to provide the CCL tear surgery called the Tight Rope .
  • Our True Digital Imaging System (x-rays) allows images in less than 30 seconds. The process is especially beneficial to animals with motion or limits on restraint (difficulty breathing). Radiographic imaging is the safest and fastest way to get information. Is there fluid in the lungs or bleeding in the abdomen or a twisted stomach. Within minutes you can have the full body images. It is also safer for the pets and technicians because there is less exposure and no chemicals.
  • When your dog or cat is sick checking blood  and urine for information such as kidney function, liver function, infection or anemia is imperative for a diagnosis. We can do these samples in house when results are needed stat!
  • New pet? Whether kitten or senior our attention is focused on a relationship with you and your pet. Why? We really love pets and people!

We know your pets will love us and our clinic.The veterinary clinic is  on the east side of Portland/Gresham border. Call for an appointment today! 503.665.1194

*not poultry

Tight Rope Knee Repair


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9 thoughts on “Portland Veterinarians”

  1. Just want to say I have had several dogs and several veterinarins in my lifetime. I think this is the best clinic ever, they take time to g o over everything …cost, exam and the xrays. Great place and great people!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful website. I wish we lived in Portland so we could come and see you. Please pray for Micky, our 14-year-old cat who suddenly developed swollen lymph nodes and several days later a limp on his right front paw. He has been given an antibiotic and the swollen jaw area is greatly reduced. But he still has the limp and is lethargic. We discovered flea dirt on him and treated him for the fleas. We have taken him to 3 vets and no one really knows what’s going on. One proposes bad teeth, one does not know at all, and another says cancer. I came across your website and the article about fleas and wondered if this could be the cause. Please pray for his healing and that we can find out what is going on. He was fine prior to a week and a half ago when his entire jaw suddenly swelled up. Thank you so much. Heidi

  3. God bless y’all from Texas! Cleaning out some files & found your papers. Buster is goin’ on 14 now & is very grey in the face. He’s my very good friend. I’m sure you like great Dog Stories, so if you haven’t heard of the late Skidboot, just Google “The Amazing Skidboot” & you’ll find (there’s a lot of videos on him),one of the best ever Dog Stories. Guitars? On You Tube, Type in “Popular Don Potter Videos.” I have lots of his CDs. He’s with Morning Star Worship. Former Jazz/Rocker who played with Chuck Manjione back in the B.C. days. Eeeh, Before Christ. Blessings. RB

    1. Ron, what a nice surprise to hear from you and Buster. So sorry that Sandi passed away. I am sure that must be very hard on you. I am sure that Buster is a very good companion. Do you love Texas? Dr Merle and I attended Oklahoma State Vet School– we know alot about that part of the country. I loved Oklahoma–I like the heat. I will check out the Amazing Skidboot for some education. We are still practicing medicine. Who guessed we would still be “practicing” . You would think we would know it by now… Do you have a picture of Buster to share? Are you on Facebook? We have an active page there. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Timberland-Animal-Clinic/183539263065?ref=tn_tnmn
      God bless and be strong!
      Dr. Becky

  4. To the Pet Loving Public,
    Drs. Merle and Becky Marks are the very finest veterinarians that I have ever met. They have a vast knowledge of dogs and cas. They tenderly and skillfully treat my beloved pets. Their practice, Timberland, is all about people and their pets. The staff that they have chosen to work at Timberland are the friendliest, most helpful team that I have ever seen at a veterinary clinic. I have had dogs, cats and pocket pets over the last fifty years and I have been to many, many different vet clinics.
    My cat, Molly, has been battling stomatitis (autoimmune inflammation of the mouth) for the last siz years. She has had her teeth removed and has endured treatment with oral Atopica all to no avail in relieving the inflammation.
    I brought her to Dr Merle Marks and she was better before we left the office. Thanks to Dr. Merle’s knowledge of the very latest information on feline stomatitis and his treatment, Molly is know boxing the other cats around, excited about eating and gaining weight. The painful, weeping sores around her mouth are gone.
    Dr. Merle helped me develop a plan for keeping Molly’s stomatitis under control. Now I have hope.
    If you love a dog or cat that needs medical care, take them to Dr. Becky and Dr. Merle Marks . If your dog or cat is suffering and you just haven’t been able to find answers anywhere, take that sweet baby to them. I am confident in telling you that they will find the answer. Got to Timberland first and meet Dr.Becky and Dr. Merle Marks.

  5. Please pray that Josie stays pain free, which with you as her vet I am confident it will happen. I am sure the lord will intervene as well with our and your prayers. Thank you and bless you both, and I cannot forget your wonderful staff.
    Bob and Shari.

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